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The Domestic Estate Management Association welcomes you to the sixth edition of the DEMA Chronicle of 2014. As 2014 continues, we are excited to bring you more educational information and tools to help advance the Private Service Community. 

The 2014 DEMA Convention Master of Ceremonies

Fitzgerald Heslop
Director & Lead Instructor
Peak Technical Institute 

The Master of Ceremonies will be the one and only, Fitzgerald Heslop! Mr. Heslop is Director of Professional Household Management Program & Social Decorum Academy at Peak Technical Institute, LLC, and Lead Instructor for Front Range Training & Consulting, LLC (FRTC). Heslop is a seasoned service professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear. He has worked as the Personal Assistant to several CEO’s and Vice Presidents of major US Companies and most notably as the Head Concierge at a noted Luxury Hotel in Connecticut.

2014 DEMA Convention Recap

This year’s convention was exciting, fun and educational!

Click an image below for more information

  Fitz Opening Address 1000Summary by Richmond Schmidt  2014 chapter of the year 400Award Recipients  2014 Conv shaking handsImage Galleries



    Estate Newsletters

Communication was a big topic at the convention this year as it always will be at every event that DEMA hosts.  The idea of estate newsletters came up in a discussion with Toni Chayeb, our Miami Chapter Programs Chair.  Toni is an Estate Manager in the area with many years of experience and shared a unique way she communicates with her family.  Here are some examples below and a small write-up on the concept. 

           Estate Newsletter 1-450        Estate Newsletter 2-450

Ok here you go….
Once upon a time there lived a girl in a small of Miami…. Oh wait wrong story….LOL

I gather the question will be: Toni how did you get started with this???

Well, that’s a good question. When I first started working with my Principal I was told that he was rarely available to question. This worried me since I had always had open communication with my Principals. I was told by the office to pick a place around the house, kitchen, study to leave him little notes. So, I started leaving little notes in the kitchen for items that I needed responses to. I rarely got the responses. As the months progressed, I just didn’t feel like I was letting my Principal know what really went on during the week while he was away working.

One day I decided and thought… rather than just giving my principal bullet points and answers to what he had asked me for… why not make a news letter with the family name on it and in a fun way apprise him of what’s going on and getting done.

At first I was a little skeptical and nervous… I thought “what if he doesn’t like my idea?”. As the weeks rolled by I noticed that he stacked each and every News letter that I was making for him. He would then make it a point of giving me a comment on an item that was i.e. finally fixed or pending. I picked funny pictures and filled in the blanks. It became fun for me too and happy that it was received with open arms.

Just for everyone’s FYI – this is something that takes time to set up. Once it’s set up though, filling in the blanks are easy. You can do it once a week or twice a week, it all depends. I manage and run 8 households for my principal, so there is always something to say.

Never be afraid of a vivid imagination…




      Upcoming Events  


New Chapter Update! The 2013 DEMA Convention yielded many requests from attendees for new local Chapters. We are proud to announce first target meeting date for a new chapter:

Seattle – July 31st, 2014

We still have eager DEMA members that are laying the groundwork for new groups in Montana and Hawaii.

If you would like to play a part in starting a Chapter in one of these areas, contact DEMA National Programs Director, Kelly Larson at If you have an idea of starting a chapter in your area submit your request at   

Convention Recipe from The Chocolate Genius

marilyn-demaIt was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone at the 2014 DEMA Convention. Thank you to Mike Wright and Matt Haack for asking me to contribute and sculpt Marilyn Monroe at the convention. I hope everyone that enjoyed the amazing chocolate has worked off the extra pounds by now! (it was worth it!)
The chocolate sculptures I create live at events can be made out of high-end cake, ganache and other delicious goodies that are enjoyed by your families and their guests. Or families might want a solid chocolate sculpture that they can keep – it doesn’t melt indoors. Families can also commission a sculpture, ie John Lennon or their kids, they keep similar to a traditional sculpture or eat it on arrival! It’s all up to the families preference. The pieces can even be cast in bronze to last forever.

Friday night at the convention I served a wonderful vodka martini ganache shot. Whip this wonderful recipe together when you are in the mood to enjoy something chocolate, incredible and unique.


Vodka Martini Ganache Shots
48 ounces heavy cream
16 ounces chopped fine dark chocolate 60-70%
1/4 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt
8 ounces vodka
4 ounces creme de cocao

ganache-shot02Place the chopped dark chocolate in a medium to large bowl and set aside. Heat the heavy cream over medium heat until it starts to simmer rapidly. Be careful it doesn’t get too hot and boil over! (it’s easy to do) Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and let it sit for a minute or two to soften the chocolate. Then stir with a wooden spoon or silicon spatula until the ganache is very smooth and completely incorporated.

Mix in the salt, vodka and creme de cocao and incorporate well into the ganache. Pour into the special container of your choice, let cool and enjoy!

Notes* – you can always use more or less alcohol depending on your preference. Sometimes I do 3 to 1 ratio of cream to chocolate (thicker – the recipe above) and sometimes I will do 4 to 1 ratio (thinner) If it’s being served right away I will do the 3 to 1. If you will be refrigerating it overnight, do 4 to 1. 

For more information follow me at, or email me directly.



Perks Program  

Christofle DEMA 2 v2

 DEMA Recommended Training Announcements 


Course 1 – “Housekeeping Training Program” Take your Housekeeping to the Next Level

EMSEstate Management Solutions has partnered with the Charles MacPherson Academy to bring its world-renowned housekeeper courses to private service professionals. This 2-day training features the exact same material taught in this famous school of household management and butlers, the only one of its kind in North America. 

We are the only traveling trainers in North America who are able to offer this certificate away from the Academy.  Students who successfully complete the program & testing requirements will graduate with a certificate per our governance. 


    Upcoming Cities              Housekeeping 101    Essentials Class
         New York
   August 16th & 17th – Register           TBD
     Fort Lauderdale  October – TBD    October – TBD


Course 2 – “The Essentials of Household & Estate Management”

This course is designed for those who are looking to make the transition into a management position, struggling managers or managers that would like to refine their skills. Along with non-tangibles we give you concrete proven methods to help you manage your environment and become a better manager. Topics include HR Best Practices, Accounting, Task Sheets and Estate Compartmentalization.

Future Cities & Dates

San Francisco – TBD June 2014

Houston – TBD July 2014

Los Angeles – TBD August 2014

Austin – TBD

Las Vegas – TBD

Boston – TBD

Estate Management Solutions is dedicated to creating an affordable and accessible alternative to industry schooling. If you would like to attend an extended school, Peter will give you the information you need to ask better questions to be able to choose the school that is ideal for you and what you want to accomplish in this industry. Contact Peter for additional details or to schedule a class near you at (214) 808-1301.




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