Message from DEMA: Elevating the Industry & the Profession of Private Service

Happy New Year 2012Happy New Year!  We hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.  As DEMA looks back at 2011 with many fond memories we are excited to look forward in 2012.  This year will be a defining year for the association as the membership sets out to accomplish another year of many firsts’ for the Private Service Community.  So, we have decided to get everything started  with a bang by announcing our first convention!  Join our Private Service Professional, Vendor, Affiliate, Placement Agency, School & Educator members for the DEMA 2012 Convention in Los Angeles at the Sheraton LAX on September 28th, 29th & 30th.  Be sure to save the date and purchase your convention tickets as soon as they go on sale the first week of February.  

We have an exciting event planned with fantastic speakers, educational workshops, break-out sessions and plenty of networking with the best professionals the industry has to offer.  We even have a few Principals that will be speaking & sharing their thoughts on employee communication and their service level expectations!  Be sure to follow us on all of our social media & our website to stay up to date on all the happenings as they unfold for the convention. 

With your participation and support we will continue to bring more education, respectappreciation to the Private Service Profession. This year’s convention is the ultimate springboard for our goals.  If you would like to become part of our convention planning committee, provide feedback for possible topics that you would like to see for workshops or want to become involved in any way, please email us at



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Podcast Library Update

You can now begin to listen to DEMA LIVE! on a weekly basis starting in 2012 as we roll out our interview series featuring leaders in the Private Service Industry. Be sure to look for our special series that we will dedicate to the 2012 DEMA Convention where we highlight our presenters and workshop educators.

In this week’s show we interview Jill Smirl from Mom’s Best Friend Agency in Aspen, Colorado.

Click Here for a Preview, to listen to the full version visit our Podcast Library ~


Event Calendar_screenshot            Click Here for Monthly CalendarUpcoming January Events 

Attend a meeting in your area and feel the heartbeat of the industry!  No matter how digital our society becomes you cannot replace “face-to-face” networking.

DEMA has created a safe haven for you to network and learn from your peers in many locations throughout the United States.  In fact, we have plans to open many new chapters again this year!  

In the first quarter of 2012 we will open chapters in: Atlanta, Aspen, Denver, Greenwich/Westchester, Naples & Seattle. DEMA is actively looking for leaders in Private Service to run these chapters and help get them started, please inquire about the benefits of leadership at 


LUXE Magazine


LUXE Magazine Offer for DEMA Members

Great News! Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine has offered complimentary subscriptions to all DEMA Members. This is a $40.00 value for our members. If you are interested please download the form below and fax to LUXE to receive your complimentary publication.

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 DEMA Membership: Connecting the Dots & Celebrating the Relationships of 2011

Each year we like to highlight a few stories of members going above and beyond to help make the profession & industry better.  First, we would like to acknowledge and thank all of our board of director members in our local chapter areas.  Without your support and volunteer work, the association wouldn’t be able to keep growing and moving in the positive direction that it has over the past few years. If you haven’t had a chance to meet any of your local chapter leaders, start the year right and take the time to know them and build a relationship.  All of the Chapter Presidents care about their members and love to speak with them!

Townhall Meeting in January 2011

This year we saw four leading placement agencies come together for a candid discussion and Q & A session for our membership.  A first for the industry!  You can click here to view some video footage of the event.  We would like to thank Andrew Lowrey, Charles MacPherson, Claudia Kahn and Elise Lewis for their time & participation in the meeting.

Relocation Benefits

DEMA member (Felipe Valls) moved from NYC to San Francisco to accept a new position in the Fall of 2011.  The move was a difficult one that took place on a very short notice and with little knowledge of the area.  Here is an excerpt from our communication with him about his DEMA experience:

“Dear Mike,

Felipe and MimiButler Felipe with Mimi Brady of Westside Nannies at the Bay Area Chapter Launch. Meeting was hosted by Sierra Select.What a tough first two weeks this has been for me for my new life in San Francisco. I traveled to Toronto, NY, TX, and San Francisco in a matter of 8 days. 

As you know I was recently given the opportunity to work at one of the best hotels in the world, in San Francisco, and when they told me that they wanted me to relocate in a matter of 8 days I took the challenge knowing that I had great resources available to me.   
I also want to give a special thanks to Mr. Loren Warner.   Mr. Warner went out of his way to help me find a place to live and to understand the areas of the city.  He helped me narrow my search to some of the best places to live in SF.  He even traveled to San Francisco and took short 5 minute videos of his tour of San Francisco to show me how the area looked while he had a very busy schedule of his own.  He took videos of the hotel, nearby subway entrances and local attractions.  He told me where to look and where to avoid moving to.  He not only advised what local newspapers to search for residences in, he actually scanned the pages and sent them to me via email!  Furthermore, he offered to give me a tour of the city at a later date to help me get acquainted with the city.  Mr. Warner has been so supportive over the past two weeks, that I would like for DEMA to recognize his actions, he has shown fantastic examples of what DEMA stands for and this story should be heard by all.  I am very grateful to have met Mr. Warner at DEMA.   A big thank you to everyone that helped me in this journey!
At your Service,
Felipe Valls”
Felipe and Loren met at a DEMA meeting in NYC about six months prior to this story…The power of connection, the power of a network!  We would like to thank DEMA Member, Loren Warner for his outstanding example and actions!
Education Highlights
We also think it is important to promote DEMA members that partnered in 2011 to create new programs for Private Service Professionals around the U.S.
H.R.A. Master Class
Los Angeles saw DEMA Member, Estate Manager Brian Holland-Rose offer an excellent class on “French Wine & Wine Etiquette” in partnership with The Baltus Collection L.A. as the class host facility. Stay tuned for more classes in 2012 from H.R.A!
Professional Housekeeper Training & Household Management 101
DEMA Members, First Class Care & The Charles MacPherson Academy partnered in Chicago to offer mulitple trainings in 2011 to Private Service Professionals in the local area.  We encourage you to attend their next trainings, available March 2nd & 3rd:  Get More Information


Be the Ultimate Assistant Workshop!

DEMA Member, Bonnie Low-Kramen joined Bespoke Institute in NYC and began teaching courses for personal assistants in November of 2011.  Bonnie has also partnered with DEMA Member, Alter Ego Concierge in Chicago for a workshop scheduled for February 3rd & 4th, 2012.  You can find more information by emailing: or join their group on LinkedIn.
The Professional Housekeeper Boot Camp

In March of 2011, DEMA Members Fiona Cameron-Williams and Marta Perrone partnered to bring NYC The Professional Housekeeper Boot Camp with much fanfare!  Get More Information
LA Sept Group PicLos Angeles Chapter September Group Picture: Meeting hosted by The Baltus Collection in West Hollywood, event sponsored by Eventmakers
and educational presentation by Charles MacPherson. Approximately 75 attendees.

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