Lugano Diamonds has been a huge supporter of DEMA. So on our latest trip to LA we jumped at the opportunity to record a DEMA Minutes with them. In this edition of DEMA Minutes we learn about how Lugano offers the ability to purchase jewelry in most intimate and private settings without outside sales pressure!

In edition of DEMA Minutes Steve Martinko of Contender’s Tree and Lawn provides tips on how to best maintain your Indoor House Plants. This video will help you recognize the early signs of pest that might effect the health of the plant before your principal does

In this episode of DEMA Minutes we sit down with Ron Ortiz from The I-Grace Company. He shares some helpful hints and tips on water mitigation or how to prevent home flooding. If you would like to get more advice regarding this issue feel to contact The I-Grace Company on their website

In the following DEMA Live video we sit down with David Stanislaw and talk about different ways to handle conflict resolution.

This video is a demonstration of how the full size Miele Rotary Iron can save time for all private service professionals. We would like to thank the Dallas Miele Gallery, where this was filmed, for their support hosting our Dallas Chapter Meetings.

n January four placement agencies came together to discuss the questions about the private service industry that private service professionals around the the world wanted answers to. Over the next 7 part series you will better understand difficulties that agencies face on a daily basis.

This October’s LA Chapter Meeting hosted by DSI Entertainment provided our members with tons of new innovative ideas regarding Smart Home Technology. One of the most popular ideas with the members was the ability to hide a flat screen television behind what appears to be a common piece of art work. For more information on this product contact any of the representatives at DSI Entertainment Solutions.

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