The DEMA Social Network “DSN” is an online community specifically created for all DEMA Members to communicate privately with each other. Unlike other commercial social networks, the DSN has been created exclusively for the Private Service Industry and will never be made public. There are many great features for the DSN:

Profile – Each member has a personal profile that can be shared with other members. You can also easily update your membership information.

Connections – Whether you are in an area that has a local chapter or not, you are easily able to connect and build relationships with other members throughout the association.

Forum – Find answers to questions, inquiries, share ideas, experiences or stories. This is not a public forum and is only visible to DEMA Members. All membership categories can participate in the forum.

Groups – With the DEMA private groups, discussions are not public and are only viewable by group members. For example, Private Service Groups are visible to Private Service members only and cannot be accessed by other membership categories. So, Private Service Professionals can openly discuss sensitive issues amongst themselves. The same applies to the other membership groups.

Once you are a member, you will have access to all these features just by logging into your profile. We encourage you to actively participate and join in the discussions!

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