Case Study – Upscale Apartment Plagued by Mold Problems

A beautiful, luxury apartment in a New York City high-rise, valued at approximately $4 million, was damaged by water, but the more serious culprit was the resulting growth of mold. Description The apartment was damaged by water after several pipes burst in a neighboring unit directly above the apartment. Pipes burst in the toilet and […]

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Who’s Knocking on my Door?

An Introduction to Insurance Professionals Policyholders May Encounter After Experiencing a Property Loss For both home and business owners, suffering a property loss can be a chaotic and devastating experience. After all, the destruction of someone’s house, personal possessions and/or business property can leave an enormous void accompanied by heaps of uncertainty.   “Policyholders who […]

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10 Things That Property Managers Can Do to Make Disaster Recovery Go More Smoothly

By definition, disasters are rarely tame or predictable, and few home or business owners are truly prepared for the full extent and nature of a disaster when it does strike. While recovery is never easy, there are a few key steps that property managers can take before and after an event to help make the […]

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How to Throw The Ultimate End of Summer Soiree

by Andrea Freeman; Founder and Principal Designer Andrea Freeman Events As an event planner known for luxurious and unique designs I get a lot of requests for summer parties.  As temperatures start to drop, kids head back to school, and everyone is eager to squeeze the most fun out of what is left of the […]


Proper Care Will Ensure A Lifetime Of Beauty

We make it a point to educate our customers on proper stone care. To keep your stone, tile & grout surfaces looking their best, follow some simple but important care instructions. Download our Stone and Tile Care Guide for all of our care tips and information. Download our Free Stone and Tile Care Guide   […]

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DAVE BENTSON /JUL 21, 2017/  CLIENT STORY,   DAVE RECOMMENDS,   EXPERT INSIGHT Pebble Beach is upon us and many of you have had your hotel rooms booked for nine months now. But how long have you been doing your due-diligence on that vehicle you have your eye on? The week-long event is always an incredible opportunity to see […]

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What Is Fee-Only Automotive Advising?

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FIDUCIARY AND A BROKER It’s a common question: “Dave, what do you mean by fee-only consulting?” “How are you different from a broker, dealer salesperson, my buddy who owns a restoration company, or my nephew who’s a certified Gold Meister?” At Precision Automotive Group, we’re committed to providing fully unbiased, objective […]

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Why The Recruiters Aren’t Calling You Back

As a career coach, I am often asked why recruiters aren’t always very diligent about contacting candidates, even after they presented the job seeker to the possible employers. Sometimes the recruiters may be very proactive with the communications when you apply but then quickly go radio silent. What is going on here? First and foremost, […]

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Five Organizations Who Are Redefining Philanthropy

Forbes Philanthropy article featuring DEMA Global Affiliate members; Renovation Angel Robert Reiss, Contributor   We recently entered the 4th phase of the corporation. First, in the 1920s Alfred Sloan created the concept of the corporation with General Motors; second in the 1950s Peter Drucker codified the discipline of management; third, in the 1980s Japanese introduced […]

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Jobs To Do While Your Principal Is On Summer Holiday

Jobs to do while your Principal is on summer holiday Working on a large estate usually means there’s plenty going on, so it’s rare to experience any downtime, let alone time to catch up on admin. We’ve put together a list of tasks that are ideally suited to those occasions when the family are out […]

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